Charity - International Children’s Medical Aid

Anita has huge compassion for those who are suffering, especially the children of the world, which is why, several years ago, she became a volunteer for International Children’s Medical Aid Charity and was later invited by the founder to take over as Director. 

In addition to leading a charity, Anita has built up a reputation for her unique healing skills which she uses to benefit International Children’s Medical Aid.  By visiting Anita for healing, you are also helping underprivileged children in orphanages and schools across Romania, Sri Lanka, Kosovo and India to name a few. Recently the charity has helped children in Bangladesh by supporting Seeds of Growth and Positive Pete.

International Children’s Medical Aid exists to provide relief from suffering across the globe.  In this mission, we are working towards promoting the concepts of human values which are: Love, Peace, Truth, Compassion and Non-Violence.

For more information please do get in contact with Anita.