Anger Management: 

For years I struggled with my temper. The slightest thing set me off. The anger was so strong within me, I got skin rashes. I had to take medication to control the itching. However, at the time I did not know my skin issues were caused by repressed anger and resentment. 

After numerous allergy tests failed to find the cause of my itching, a close friend suggested I see Anita. I’d run out of options so I booked an appointment with Anita. Within the first session, Anita had managed to isolate the root cause of my issues. By the next session we had overcome the childhood trauma that had led to my anger issues. Once I had acknowledged this trauma and forgiven myself and all involved, my skin issues went. I was much happier in myself and did not need medication anymore. It was incredible. I will be ever grateful to Anita for helping me and giving me the self-help tools which I use all the time to face the challenges I encounter in my day to day life. Radha K 

Anxiety, stress and fear:

Anita is such a kind, loving and compassionate individual, I have been seeing her since October 2018 and she has helped me overcome severe anxiety, stress and fear to name but a few.  She has helped me to stand in my own power and find my true purpose.  With her love and guidance, I am on my own journey to become the healer I was always meant to be.  I will forevermore be grateful to Anita for her support and guidance on my journey to self-discovery and self-love.  R Grobler